International Newcastle works with a number of projects who require volunteers. We also occasionally take on volunteers or interns ourselves.

Currently we are looking for people who can speak ‘Geordie’ (the local dialect of the Newcastle area) are are interested in acting as volunteer tutors in our Geordie for Speakers of Other Languages workshops for international students and international business staff.

We are also looking for local hosts who may be able to show visitors round local attractions or host a meal in their house to international visitors. These would all be supported by International Newcastle staff throughout.

We sometimes work with projects of an international nature that require volunteers or people looking for work experience.

If you are interested in any of these volunteering opportunities please contact us for an informal chat.


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Twin City Partnerships

Newcastle has a range of city twinning and partnership relationships with cities in different parts of the world. In Europe: Bergen (Norway), Gelsenkirchen (Germany), Groningen (the Netherlands), Nancy (France) and Malmo (Sweden). In the rest of the world: Atlanta and Little Rock (United States), Haifa (Israel), Newcastle NSW (Australia) and Taiyuan and Zhengzhou (China).

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