Title: Director
Reports to: The Board of Directors
Initially fixed Term Contract: 15th October 2018 – 15th June 2019 (with the opportunity for extension)
Freelance contract: £300.00 per day x 4 days pcm x 8 months (£9,600.00) [reasonable mileage and expenses will be paid] Office and Hours: Civic Centre Newcastle. Hours: flexible.
Application Deadline: 18th September [for expressions of interest and CV/biog] Interviews: first week of October 2018

International Newcastle (IN) supports the extraordinary wealth of international experience, knowledge and understanding found in our city today: from the communities that make our city their home, to the businesses that trade across international borders, from the work we do to connect our cities to other cities around the world, to the joint research we undertake to foster healthier, fairer and safer communities.

As we navigate new relationships with Europe and the wider world, International Newcastle seeks a new director to work alongside the City Council, the education and cultural sectors, The Chamber of Commerce, consular colleagues, civil society organisations, regional agencies and others to maintain and grow our global reputation and offer a warm welcome to the world.

This is an exciting opportunity to build on the strengths of work done to date to position International Newcastle as an essential part of our city’s vibrant International life.

International Newcastle is a Community Interest Company. The new director will work alongside a committed board of directors to ensure that Newcastle continues to be seen as an open, international, outward and welcoming city.

During the next year IN will consolidate its activity and planning around three pillars that promote Internationalism within the city:

– International Communities:
This focus supports international communities living in the city (permanent residents, refugees and migrants and international students)

– Welcoming the city:
IN will continue to welcome civic, academic and business leaders to the city, supporting the presentation of the city as an attractive place to live and work

– International representation:
IN will support the City’s international development and civic representation.

Work plan 2018-19

To support the above aims the new director will lead on the following areas of activity, developing opportunities as they arise:
1. City To City
Building on the existing strengths and connections IN will develop proposals for a ‘Sister City Commission’ approach as a way of creating shared and international aims; and drawing in partners and businesses to international working. This will build on established relationships through the Twin Towns, engagement with Core Cities Network international work (currently being driven by Birmingham and Bristol) and representation at the Eurocities Edinburgh 2018 conference on 28 – 30 November 2018.
Whilst not exhaustive, IN will look to strengthen connections with Atlanta (US), Nancy (FR), Gelsenkirchen (DE), cities of the Baltic States and Scandinavia, and Durban (SA). (See appendix for further information.)

• A Sister Cities Commission paper
• New and renewed exchanges with the above cities

2. International Days and Seminars
As part of a Service Level Agreement with Newcastle University the new director will work alongside the university to support its revised Internationalisation strategy by enhancing the experience of international and home students and contributing to the attractiveness of Newcastle University worldwide. This includes an International Communities day for international students at the Civic Centre.

The aim of this international day is to create a key moment in the year to bring together relevant agencies and initiatives supporting this international community. A desired area of focus over the next year is to consider the needs of other international communities in the city. Working with Newcastle University and Northumbria University the director will build on the days for students to shape a second “International day’ for other international
residents in the city.

• The annual International Community (ICD) day will take place on 19 October 2018. Newcastle College, International House, NE1 Ltd. have joined International Newcastle / the City Council’s collaboration with the universities in delivering the event. This targets international students city-wide. The new director will attend this event.
• The director will deliver a seminar in January for international students at Newcastle University on adapting to life abroad.
• The director will develop a second annual multi-agency day to support refugees/migrants and other international communities in collaboration with Northumbria University. This should connect to a national and internally recognised day for Refugees, City of Sanctuary, Martin Luther King etc.

3. Research and Mapping
IN has created an online directory of contacts, including organisations, which support or promote international activity within Newcastle – This illustrates the breadth of activity through international communities, arts & culture organisations, community groups, businesses and many more.

To support Newcastle City Council’s vision for Newcastle as a fair, prosperous, outward facing, innovative and vibrant city and in collaboration with Northumbria and Newcastle Universities the director will oversee a piece of research to understand how International working supports the City-wide priorities.

• Further develop the IN ‘map’ illustrating the breadth of international activity across the city and identifying opportunities for shared aims and collaboration.
• Explore potential for IN to align civic and cultural relationships with the city’s inward investment strategy.
• The development of a piece of research with postgraduate students from Northumbria and Newcastle Universities.

Governance and Structure
International Newcastle is a Community Interest Company. It operates through Service Level agreements with the City Council and Newcastle University as well as income earned through activity. There is scope here to grow and diversify the income base.

The work of the director is supported by a committed board of directors, bringing expertise and knowledge to the work plan, as well as time where available. You can see the full list of current directors here.

The day-to-day work of International Newcastle is supported by an experienced part time finance manager and a marketing and communications role.

International Newcastle has use of an office and meeting space at the Civic Centre, Newcastle.

Key skills and expertise:
Strategic development within civil society, cultural or academic roles
Policy development
Good understanding of the City’s infrastructure in relation to the 3 key pillars
Developing a growth strategy
Fundraising and budget control.

Person specification
Good networker
Friendly and approachable
Would enjoy welcoming a diverse range of people and partners
Someone who understands the value of Internationalism in our City

Application process

Please submit:
 Your CV
 A covering letter outlining your experience in relation to this opportunity and why you are interested in the work of International Newcastle.
 The names of 2 referees to: clymene@D6culture.org by 18th of September 2018.


Sister Cities we are currently working alongside:
a. Atlanta – Following exchange visits and with a new mayor in place we should explore possible visit to or from Atlanta in partnership with businesses.
b. Nancy – our key French civic relationship and we should prioritise refreshing this relationship as the UK nears Brexit in 2019.
c. Gelsenkirchen – our key German civic relationship and as in Nancy, we should prioritise refreshing this relationship as the UK nears Brexit in 2019.
d. Baltic States and Scandinavia – historically, this has been an important trade route for Newcastle. We have a formal relationship with Malmo, and the region has a memorandum of understanding signed with the Region of
Västra Götaland. The recent visit by the Latvian Ambassador and the appointment of a new honorary Consul for our region provides opportunity to strengthen Baltic links. As above we should strengthen these relationships in the lead up to March 2019.
e. Durban – the Chamber of Commerce has in recent years actively pursued a stronger relationship with South Africa and the City and IN took part in high-profile delegation visit from Durban ( 5 – 7 June 2018), resulting in strengthened civic links.

Further information on our twin cities can be found here.