How are you peeps? Hope that you’re doing well and fine and had a wonderful weekend altogether 😉

Time flies, doesn’t it? I am just starting my Week 7 of internship at International Newcastle and still can’t believe I make it this far 😊

Anyway, my work has been busy with the google drive and writing the social media report for International Newcastle. I am thinking to do a 1-month social media campaign to promote their services to the target audience. In my opinion, promoting through social media is effective. Why? It’s low cost but has big impact.

Also, my task has been upgraded by assisting Zelie to write briefings for the Newcastle City Council. I love this task very much as the task is again challenging and very fun. This links with the cultural aspects of international relations. In other words, in getting to know the person you will interact with, you have to understand their culture and other background information for your gain.

I love this quote about culture by Jawaharlal Nehru:


Back to the social media, there are different social media that are popular: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Which one of these social media you are a member of?

On Week 6, I also had my work placement evaluation and overall satisfied with the grade I received.


After the hustle and bustle of internship, my weekend ended in a sweet note. It’s none other than a weekend trip to Manchester with my boyfriend who came from the Netherlands. How glad was I to see him in person and not only his face in my Samsung phone.

We met at the airport and spent the night in our respective rooms at Ibis Hotel Princess street.

Alan Turing War Memorial


Our first destination was Alan Turing War memorial. A lovely park that is dedicated to Mr. Alan Turing, who was a cryptanalyst and computer scientist during the World War 2. A source said that his effort to decipher the messages sent by the German forces had shortened the war and contributed the victory to the Allied forces during the World War 2.

He is called the father of modern computing.

Do you know that his achievement during the World War was well documented in a film and Benedict Cumberbatch, the famous English actor, played Mr. Alan Turing and was  the leading actor. If you haven’t watched it, the movie is called “The Imitation Game”. I highly recommend this movie.


Manchester Old Trafford Museum and Tour


Who amongst you are the biggest football fan?

Have you heard about Manchester United? I bet you have because they are one of the famous football club in UK, if not in Europe or the World (Well, that’s the impression I’ve got from my brother and father 😉)

Me and my boyfriend  joined a tour for roughly an hour and half. We went to different places in the stadium like the VIP seats and the changing room and took pictures with the football field. Also, we went to the changing rooms (Yes, it is the real one and no, we didn’t meet any football players unfortunately).

If you are a hardcore fans of football and Manchester United, visit this website:

It might save you some time as the queue can be very long and you might miss the tour when there are many visitors.


Manchester Cathedral

After watching movie at VUE Cinema, we arrived a bit late to the Manchester Cathedral. Unfortunately, the cathedral had already been closed. But we managed to take pictures from the outside.

All in all, Manchester is a beautiful city. I really love to be given the opportunity to visit Manchester. Locals are called Mancunians or Mancs and their dialect is called Mancunian or Mancs dialect. They are all lovely, but sometimes it’s a struggle for me to understand their accent as they tend to speak really fast.


So yes, I have had a buzz in Manchester!

See you at my next post! Hopefully Durham will be featured.

p.s.: Having a buzz is a Mancunian phrase that translates into “I am having a good time”.