Bianca is our new intern here at International Newcastle from the Erasmus Exchange programme and here is her latest blog about her experience of living and working in Newcastle.

Hello everyone!

How are you all doing? I hope you’re fine and doing well after a hellish week of blizzard and storm. If you live in Europe, you might probably know the series of extreme weather (blizzard) all around Europe. Brits called it “the Beast from the East”. The Dutch called it “the Siberian Bear”. I love the Dutch expression better, though. They made it sound cute and less frightening. If you live outside Europe, enjoy your lovely weather (Hey, Noelle! Enjoy your sunny days in India).


Image 1 The Beast from The East as seen from the Office

Due to this calamity, all transportations were disrupted- flights canceled, rails disrupted and I had to wait for 45 minutes for my bus. Very sad, but people were still optimistic. I had noticed some had even played snowballs and sledding in the middle of the blizzard – I might’ve joined them next time.


Image 2 Snow everywhere I went

Week 3

After a series of unfortunate events (read: weather), I had to do most of my tasks at home. There was a Board meeting planned on Monday, unfortunately, due to this extreme weather, it was canceled and re-scheduled to next week, as some of the attendees could not make it.

My tasks for this week were mainly a desk research, writing report and categorizing IN files.

I am particularly interested in the desk research about the membership scheme. Zelie tasked me to find some similar organizations like International Newcastle that have a corporate membership scheme, and they must be located in North East.

Hmm…Interesting… At first, I doubted I would find an organization like IN that already has a membership scheme. But this website helped me finding them, as it provides a comprehensive list of all companies registered in the UK. So, if you need a list of active UK companies, it will be worth it to visit the website. All in all, I found 13 organizations out of 369 organizations!


My weekend was normal. I did plan to go to Hadrian’s wall but canceled it last minute because the weather wasn’t really accommodating. Nevertheless, I went to INTU Eldon Square to some shopping, mostly window shopping, though. A visit to a local Chinese restaurant ended my weekend with a happy note, albeit the extreme weather.

Week 4

After recovering from the visit of the Beast from the East, I started my fourth week of the internship with a very out of the proportion excitement. So these were some of the highlights of the event from the Week 4:

Focus Group

Zelie and I went to a focus group organized by Alex, the integration officer at Newcastle University and Liz, a professional researcher who will produce a report on this focus group. Before going to meeting, I made my first visit to an authentic English pub.

During the meeting, I met a Newcastle University student and heard about his experience as a student in Newcastle upon Tyne. It was very insightful and enlightening and I could see the difference between the college life in Belgium and UK.

 International Women’s Day


Image 3 International Women’s Day 2018



Image 4 Ladies from International Newcastle

Happy International Women’s Day to women (and men) everywhere! Zelie, Liz and me went to the International Women’s Day event held by COCO ( Check their website as they have more interesting events this year!). A fellow Erasmus intern has also come to the event. You probably know her from my previous blogpost- she is Anggie who interns in Newcastle Castle!

We listened to a series of speeches and presentations by prominent female figures in the North East. I also met Newcastle University business students who opened a stall and sold merchandises. Note: their company is real and operating!

 “Educating girls is the best cure for the world problems”


Unfortunately, I had hayfever in the weekend and had to cancel my trip to Durham with the other Erasmus interns. So sad. Nevertheless, I will visit Durham and its cathedral soon. It isn’t like Durham will move anywhere, is it? So, check out my next blogpost if you’re interested in my future visit to Durham. Just maybe, my boyfriend will also be featured in the blogpost.

See you in the next blogpost!



















How time flies! It has been a month since I started my internship at  @InterNewcastle😊

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Weekly Tweet : Week 3


I hope you’re all recovering from the Beast from the East and Storm Emma. So, welcome spring