Newcastles of the World (NOTW) was an initiative established in the late 1990s and is an international network of towns and cities with the name Newcastle. There are 100 cities across the world with the name New Castle or Newcastle in different countries and languages.  Cities can join the network, which has a secretariat based in Newcastle upon Tyne, led by David Faulkner and supported by Zelie Guerin.

There is a summit of the members of Newcastles of the World every two years, with the most recent in Montenegro in 2018 and the next in Neuchatel in Switzerland in 2020.

You can find out more about Newcastles of the World on their website here.



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Twin City Partnerships

Newcastle City Council has a range of city twinning and partnership relationships with cities in different parts of the world. In Europe: Bergen (Norway), Gelsenkirchen (Germany), Groningen (the Netherlands), Nancy (France) and Malmo (Sweden). In the rest of the world: Atlanta and Little Rock (United States), Haifa (Israel), Newcastle NSW (Australia) and Taiyuan and Zhengzhou (China).

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