Collaborating with Newcastle University

We work with Newcastle University closely on a range of initiatives to help international students adapt to living abroad and issues relating to integrating at a local level in Newcastle upon Tyne.

The University first approached us in 2013 to collaborate on helping int students to integrate and get the best out of their experience, living and studying in Newcastle.

We worked together with Loyola Center Manager to develop and deliver workshops on intercultural awareness, including a focus on how to overcome culture shock, as well as cultural and language similarities and differences.

From this initiative a number of workshops and schemes have been set up to help a wider pool of students.


The video below is of Liz Sherman, Loyola Center Manager, telling the story of how our collaboration began and developed into a valuable programme, helping the University in its goal of supporting international students to integrate successfully.


Cross-Cultural Skills Awareness Raising Workshops:  Adjusting to Life Overseas

We deliver seminars at the International Welcome Week, with international student

Intercultural Communication:  Skills Awareness Raising Workshops

These interactive workshops focus on helping students look at issues which impact on integration. Students then came up with tips for future students coming to Newcastle on how to settle here.

“I was able to embrace the contrasts between life in the US and life in the UK in a way that helped me to smoothly adjust to into my new home. These sessions were equally fun and informative in that they gave me an increased appreciation for the differing aspects between my culture and the rest of the world!”
Annie Waschko, Loyola student, Loyola University, Maryland.

“For me the most rewarding part of the experience was seeing the change in one of my students. He had been really suffering from homesickness and culture shock and was considering going home halfway through the year. Through the sessions, he participated actively, and with new tools and perspective his entire experience changed. I recently saw him in Newcastle, when he was visiting and considering doing a Masters. He said over and over how happy he was to be back in Newcastle and how much he had missed it. Having someone who had been an international student in Newcastle (me!) and Zélie who has lots of experience of Internationalisation and life in the North East made all the difference—we were able to present two different perspectives to help the students have a better time.”
Liz Sherman, Loyola Center Manager, Newcastle University /Loyola University, Maryland

s from all countries, on adapting to life abroad.  The focus is on coping with and overcoming culture shock.  In January 2015 135 international students attended a single session.


NCL + Global Competency Certificate

These three workshops for both international and home students raise cross-cultural understanding and promote integration amongst home and international students. They have been integrated into NCL +, the University’s extra-curricular programme, which provides Newcastle University’s students with official University and employer recognition for activities they engage in, such as volunteering, community work and enterprise.
They are now available on campus to any student to help them understand issues around culture, especially how to function in a cross-cultural world. It widens the offer of attending the cross-cultural communication workshops to all international and home students, to help them in integrating and getting the best out of living and studying in Newcastle.

Students who complete all three workshops will receive a Global Competency certificate.


International Community Day

cb int community day 2

This annual event, held at Newcastle City Council, enables overseas students to meet many local people and organisations at the large exhibition to find out about the opportunities they provide. We chair the planning group, which brings which brings Newcastle University, Northumbria University and Newcastle City Council together in welcoming students from across the world to the city.


Speak Geordie Like a Local 

This fun seminar covers the Geordie dialect, history of Newcastle and the region.  The workshop is a great tool to aid the whole process of integration of international students.  We include elements of this workshop in the intercultural and cross-cultural awareness raising sessions.

Speak Geordie Like a Local classes have featured in both local and national press, TV and radio.



2-Fenwick PR

We facilitate the annual arrangements between the City Council and the University for students coming on work experience to the City Council from Nancy, Newcastle’s twin town in August.  The University’s School of Modern Languages takes a lead role in this.

This year, the students from Nancy are on track to delivering work experience projects, focusing on economic development, created by the City Council.  The IN Director, Head of the Study Abroad Programme at the University and City Council’s International Officer have also organised a social programme with the students, to show them the cultural life of the City and surrounding area.


Get INvolved Testimonials

Thank you for arranging an outstanding programme. You have raised the bar for this type of international study visit by one hundred per cent, no by two hundred per cent !

Folkpartiet, Vastra Gotaland, Sweden