Learn to speak like a local!

This fun, practical seminar covers the Geordie dialect, history of Newcastle and the region.  Geordie for Speakers of Other Languages (or GSoL as we call it!) teaches some of the common phrases Geordies use and what they mean.  It’s a great tool used in a number of ways for a range of audiences:

  • Students – to aid the process of integration of international students, also covering culture shock and how to overcome this.
  • In business – for international staff who may be on long-term work placements in Newcastle, to help them settle in and understand their colleagues better.
  • For communication – for staff in important roles where communication is critical – for example medical staff who need to understand patients needs, we can run a more serious session explaining key phrases and communicating in general.

We include elements of GSoL in our intercultural and cross-cultural awareness-raising sessions with international students. We also have a mascot called Gingerbread Geordie who we use as a lynchpin for our cultural trips out with students.

GSOL (Geordie for speakers of other languages) classes have featured in both local and national press, TV and radio.

Bespoke sessions can be designed around your organisation’s needs. Contact us for a chat about GSoL – email