Newcastles of the World held its bi-annual conference in Newcastle, Ontario, Canada in September, bringing together representatives from around the world in different Newcastles. International Newcastle is the project secretariat for Newcastles of the World and Zelie Guerin was invited to present there. Fnd out more about our involvement.
At the conference Zélie Guérin (Secretariat) and Daniel Veuve (Neuchâtel, Switzerland) presented on the Newcastles Passport, an exciting initiative designed by the Secretariat, at the request of the Newcastle Mayors, to promote tourism and friendship amongst Newcastles.
Visitors between Newcastles will be able to view tourism offers for each participating Newcastle via the Newcastles of the World website and download /collect a ‘Passport’ to access special offers. This will include exclusive offers of places to visit, places to stay, places to dine, people to meet and other offers that highlight the individual culture of each Newcastle.
The Newcastles have endorsed the project at the conference, with Neuchâtel acting as project champion. Tourism offers are being gathered, with some tremendous experiences proposed. For example, you can go on a guided hiking tour at Mount Horaiji in beautiful Shinshiro City, Japan, as part of the Newcastles Passport!