Kaori Shimizu from Shinshiro City is back home after spending four weeks in Newcastle upon Tyne, improving her English, finding out more about the city, and making new friends with help from International Newcastle. Shinshiro City, the Newcastle in Japan, is a lead member of the Newcastles of the World Alliance.
Her study programme was arranged by International House who placed her with a local family in the city. Kaori was able to meet representatives of the Newcastle Youth Council (left) to exchange knowledge and experience. International Newcastle secured a work experience placement for her at SPACE2, one of the city’s  youth projects, and, with the help of Mo Lovatt of Newcastles of the World’s Global Schools Project, visited local schools to talk about Japan and demonstrate Japanese calligraphy.
Kaori said of her visit:
“Everyone has been very supportive and I have had a good experience.  I want to recommend to Japanese young people to come to Newcastle upon Tyne.  It is a good place for university students.”
Kaori planned to give some key messages to the Mayor and Youth Council of Shinshiro City on her return. She said:
“SPACE2 is a good place for young people.  They can connect to the internet there.  They can dance, make music, play games, they can do anything and everything there.  It is not possible to achieve all of the same things in Shinshiro, but my city does need something like this.  It needs a place where young people can go to relax.  I wish that Shinshiro City would become like Newcastle. It is a convenient city.  It is easy to get around.  It is good for young people.”